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Custom Download Form

The Idea

A little known fact about Bandcamp is that the url to redeem download codes has been predetermined, and as such we can process it from any form on any website.

The URL to redeem codes is simply Bandcamp's address with a GET variable attached at the end. The variable has a key of "code" and its value is the 8-digit (plus hyphen) download code string.

What this allows is for any artist to create a unique landing page, download prompt, or other customized gateway to send card-holders to rather than being forced to use their Bandcamp URL.


instead of

The Code

To use this, copy and paste the code below anywhere in your site you want a "Redeem Download Code" input.

Although you can use the artist Bandcamp URL instead of their default, when checking the code for validity Bandcamp automatically redirects to the artist's page. The code below uses the default for the sake of simplicity.

The Demo

Here's a demo of the code redemption input. Try entering a valid code you already have to see it in action.