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This tool is designed to help musicians, bands, and artists create 100% custom download cards for codes generated through Bandcamp. Requiring only the list of codes that Bandcamp provides through the "Export" option, there's never been an easier way to generate printable download cards with total customization.

It is currently provided as a free service to encourage widespread adoption of creative cards.

It was designed & coded by Greyforest Media, and is sponsored & hosted by Auris Apothecary.

Run into issues? Have a feature request? Get in touch:

NOTICE: We are not affiliated with Bandcamp in any way. We simply love the service and wanted to give people one more reason to use it.


I'm having problems with the printed card sizes. How can I fix them?
Before printing, always check the "Print Preview" section of your browser to make sure your printer settings match the Customizer preview.

If your cards are printing or previewing too large/small, set the printer "zoom" level to 100% or Shrink to Fit, whichever yields the correct result.

If all else fails, save the cards as a PDF by following the instructions below and attempt printing through a PDF or graphic design program.
How do I do make my card say "Redeem at" before the URL?
In the URL section, enter "Redeem at". This will insert the words before your URL. You can add any words you wish before or after the URL.
I used white text in my design and my printer is printing it as black. What's wrong?
This is unfortunately a side-effect of print drivers and browsers, as many will default to printing all text as pure black. If you run into the issue of white text in your design not printing as white, try changing the settings in your browsers page setup menu to allow printing backgrounds and color images. It can be found in File -> Page Setup -> "Print Background Colors and Images" for most browsers. For Chrome, enable "Print -> Options -> Background Graphics" checkbox.
How do I insert a line break into a field to allow two lines of text?
To make an artist, album, or download url have multiple lines of text, insert the text
to simulate pushing the "return" key.

Redeem Codes at<br>
Redeem Codes at
How do I do save the cards as a PDF to print somewhere else?
To save your custom card layout as a PDF file, go through all the same steps as you would to print. However, when your print dialog window appears, in the "Choose Printer" section, select "Print to PDF" as the printer option. When you click "ok," it will save the file as a new PDF to your computer.

NOTICE: The quality of any images will be lowered with this approach. It's best to print directly from the browser for the highest quality.
How do I export a template that I've made?
Exporting templates allows you to apply the same styles and layout to a future set of codes. To export a template, click the "Export Template" button. In the prompt, give your template a name. Click the "Export" button. Save the .DCC file to your computer.
How do I import a template I previously made?
To import a template, click the "Import Template" button, select the .DCC file from your computer, and click "Upload." The prompt will provide you with a "Load Template" button which, when clicked, will import your layout and styles for the currently parsed codes.